Student Conservators at Melbourne

2014 Ghost Signs

Ghost Signs in the City of Port Phillip

Ghost signs of Melbourne / Photograph by Ken Irwin

Ghost signs of Melbourne / Photograph by Ken Irwin


12 APRIL 2014

By Sandra Khazam + Ren Gregoric

Student conservators undertook condition reporting and research on 25 painted signs in various outdoor locations throughout the City of Port Phillip. These painted signs (ghost signs) have been identified to be culturally, socially and aesthetically significant, but are each displaying signs of advanced deterioration. Reporting and research has contributed to a better understanding of the signs (individually and as a collective) and assisted in the identification of works to possibly undergo treatment at a later time.

Project Tasks
– Photograph, document and condition report each site (including location, features, and inks to same content elsewhere).
– Create database for ongoing record keeping.
– Review of practice of site documentation/management elsewhere (other municipalities).
– Issues around conservation (i.e. digitisation, material identification and testing).
– Interpretation of sites in relation to various datasets.
– Community engagement, consultation, interviews and coding/recording stories.
– Article for website and other publications.
– Mapping through Google and History pin.

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